The Purge 6 Gets Exciting Update from Blumhouse

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The Purge 6 Gets Exciting Update from Blumhouse

The Purge 6 has received an exciting update from Blumhouse Productions, the company behind the popular horror franchise. In a recent interview with, Blumhouse founder Jason Blum revealed that the script for the film is already complete and that he is very happy with it.

“I love the script,” Blum said. “I think it’s a great way to end the franchise.”

Blum also revealed that the film will be directed by Everardo Gout, who previously directed episodes of the Purge television series.

“Everardo is a talented director,” Blum said. “He’s got a great vision for the film, and I’m really excited to see what he does with it.”

While Blum did not reveal any details about the plot of the film, he did say that it will be a “very different” kind of Purge movie.

“It’s not going to be like the other Purge movies,” Blum said. “It’s going to be something new and exciting.”

Fans of the franchise are eagerly awaiting more news about The Purge 6. The film is currently scheduled to be released in 2024.

What to Expect from The Purge 6

With the script already complete and a director in place, it’s time to start thinking about what to expect from The Purge 6.

Based on Blum’s comments, it seems that the film will be a departure from the previous installments in the franchise. This could mean a number of things. For example, the film could be set in a different location, feature different characters, or explore new themes.

It’s also possible that the film will be more political than previous Purge movies. The franchise has always been a thinly veiled allegory for American society, and the upcoming film could take that allegory to the next level.

Whatever the case may be, it’s clear that Blumhouse is planning something big for The Purge 6. With a talented director and a completed script, the film has the potential to be the best Purge movie yet.

Fan Theories

Fans of the franchise have been speculating about what to expect from The Purge 6 for months. Here are a few popular fan theories:

  • The film will be set in a future where the Purge has become an annual event.
  • The film will follow a group of rebels who are trying to overthrow the government that sanctions the Purge.
  • The film will explore the origins of the Purge and why it was created in the first place.
  • The film will feature a new kind of Purge, such as a Purge that lasts longer than one night or a Purge that is not restricted to the United States.

Only time will tell what Blumhouse has in store for The Purge 6. But one thing is for sure: fans of the franchise are in for a treat.

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